Our mission is to change the way people engage with their complete personal health record and become partners in their own healthcare.

Meet the team

James Bateman

CEO and Co-Founder
James is a life-long-learner, passionate entrepreneur, and avid programmer. He began MedChart after experiencing on many occasions the need to access and share medical records within his family. He brings experience as the founder of three prior startups and from working on hospital health data systems. James holds a Master of Applied Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Bachelor in Engineering Science. When James is not plotting the next quantum revolution, he may be found building a house as a nationally licensed Carpenter.

Derrick Chow

COO and Co-Founder
Derrick brings a background in research and finance, and holds Master and Bachelor degrees in Applied Science & Engineering. He is enthusiastic about healthcare innovation and lean engineering, and has applied his technical expertise to help build MedChart from the ground up. Derrick manages the daily operations of the company and handles all the things that don’t scale well. When he's not in the office, he might be in one of those small propeller planes buzzing over your head.

Juliana Doxey

Client Care & Patient Experience
Juliana is an experienced researcher with a professional Social Worker skillset. At MedChart, she manages client communications and patient engagement. After completing Masters degrees in Social Work and Health Studies, she spent two years working at the Stanford Prevention Research Center in California where she ran research studies on tobacco marketing. Juliana is passionate about public health issues, improving the experience of patients in the health care system, and chocolate cake.

Karen Jacquart

Project Implementation Lead
Karen thinks that “blurbs” are goofy and unnecessary. She recommends that this page be deleted, however, she was vetoed by the team. Therefore, she will keep it short and sweet. Karen is passionate about healthcare, and after facing some challenges gathering medical data in her personal life, the MedChart mission resonated deeply. Now she is happily part of transforming the way people access and use their own health data.

Luca Gobbi

Senior Developer & .NET Wizard
Luca is a programming wizard extremely skilled in .NET full stack development. Luca completed his Bachelor in Computer Science and is currently completing a diploma in Business Marketing. Luca is passionate about discovering new technology and is excited to apply his expertise at MedChart. When Luca isn’t in the office coding, he can be found depleting the world’s supply of espresso or enjoying city life in Toronto.

Yuqing Du

Developer, Deep Learning
Yuqing is an expert in machine learning and computer engineering and plays a key role in the development of intelligent algorithms to interpret patient data at MedChart. While completing her Master of Engineering degree, she helped develop an app in collaboration with Toronto Western Hospital to help children with Autism recover social skills. Yuqing also loves art, music, and movies, and enjoys spending her free time at the theatre or museum.

Carol Miranda

Front-end Developer
Carol is a passionate developer with an eye for web design. She has a diverse background in Software Engineering, Marketing, and Hospitality. Carol is an expert in product development and is excited to use her skills and knowledge to continuously improve the MedChart Portal experience. When not browsing Dribble and Behance for ideas, she can be found seeking warm weather or playing with her adorable cats.

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