Frequently Asked Questions


Once you have created your MedChart account, you will be asked to provide an electronic signature consent granting MedChart permission to access your records on your behalf. We will send that form to your doctor who will then know that we have your permission to release them to us.
That’s ok, you can search from our database and/or provide us with as much information as you can remember. We will work on tracking them down.
Yes! Once you’ve created your account you can upload any records you already have to the online patient portal.
Yes. You can easily share your records with anyone you wish by entering their information in your patient portal.
Access to your medical records is an uninsured service under the Canadian Healthcare System. Unfortunately this means that fees are passed on to patients.
While Canadians have the legal right to their health records, physicians may charge for access to records. If your providers send us an invoice after submitting your request, you will be given the option to pay these fees through MedChart. Typically it is around $30.
Your privacy is our number one priority. MedChart operates with several safeguards to ensure the privacy of your personal information.

MedChart uses industry-leading encryption technologies used by major banks to secure your information, and continuously monitors and upgrades our systems on new developments. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit using advanced AES-256 and 2048-bit SSL protocols. Access to your online profile and medical records is protected by your personal login details. A 2-factor authentication system (a verification code sent to your cell phone or email at time of login) minimizes the chances of unauthorized access in case your login details have been stolen.

Any of your personal information which MedChart collects via this Site is subject to the MedChart Privacy Policy, which can be found at:
No! Your personal health information will always belong to you.
The process of obtaining copies of your records may take up to 30 days, but we can often get your records quicker than that. You can check the status of your record requests on the Order History page in your Portal.
If your records exist, we will track them down. That being said, physicians in Canada are only required to keep records for 10 years from the date of the last entry in the record. For patients who are children, records must be kept until 10 years after the day which the patient reached the age of 18. Keep in mind, however, that many physicians keep records beyond these timelines.
Psychiatric records can be a bit trickier than regular medical records. It is at the physician’s discretion whether to release psychiatric records or not.
Yes, we can get records from any provider that stores your personal health information.