It's time to build a case.

Accident and personal injury lawsuits can take many forms, but the first stages of building a case are usually the same: Getting your clients' medical records is painful and tedious at best. Hours mailing out authorizations and following up with phone calls and invoices is unfortunately part of the daily battle in a law office.

See how MedChart can help

MedChart has found a better way.

Our company has built an entire platform from the ground up to let you manage medical record requests online with ease. We handle each of your record requests from end-to-end for a flat fee - no matter how large or complex the request.

Four ways we are better.

Medchart was founded on a powerful belief.

Every patient has a medical history; MedChart is the only platform in Canada that can collect medical records from paper, film, digital and other formats and deliver to patients, legal representatives and other authorized parties in a single electronic record.

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